From Tasty Treats to Toxic Tears: 3 reasons to use compostable sambhar pouches

Let’s face it, people prefer to order in to get out of their comfort zone for a meal. Being in the era of take aways now would be a great time to upgrade your packaging method and materials.

You are packing a meal for someone who has had a demanding day and waiting to open their comfort food packed with the warm embrace of spices, the tangy tingle of tamarind, and the comforting aroma of home.

But is that it all you send?

Beneath the surface of this culinary icon lurks a darker secret: a plastic enemy disguised as convenience, silently whispering tales of environmental toxins and potentially compromising our customer’s health.

So, grab a steaming cup of chai, because we’re about to dive into the murky depths of plastic sambhar pouches and unveil the truth hiding behind their deceptive convenience.

Hot liquid food in plastic cover:

Imagine this, you are packing a hot sambhar idly for a takeaway. We as business owners always value the satisfaction of the customers and so to keep it hot until reached the delivery address, the food is packed straight away from the stove.

We appreciate your dedication!

But, it’s our responsibility to understand the consequences of doing so. When poured hot liquid, the plastic starts melting which in turn starts mixing with the food making it inedible.

Although it gives the satisfaction of having fresh hot food to our happy customers, it also sends microplastics into their guts. It’s basically sending a foreign object into a human body, which is not exactly a spa treatment.

Let us also understand what it does to a human body.

1.  Ingestion and Absorption: Once microplastics are ingested into human boy, it starts getting distributed through the blood stream.

2.  Inflammatory responses: Prolonged exposure to microplastics may lead to chronic information which may again result in cardiovascular diseases.

3.  Potential organ damage: Studies have shown that microplastics can accumulate in certain organs like

4.  Chemical Transfer: Microplastics are capable of absorbing chemical components from the surrounding environment. This means that they can serve as vehicles for transmission of toxic substances into our body.

Do the right thing by not poisoning your customers with Compostable packaging

Compostable Sambhar pouch for liquid food:

Compostable sambhar pouches

Traditional plastic packaging is the Darth Vader of the food world. It’s the clingy ex at the eco-conscious party, whispering doubts about our commitment to a greener future. From overflowing landfills to choking oceans, plastic’s legacy is far from charming. And worse, these flimsy villains can even leach harmful chemicals into our food – talk about a side dish we could definitely skip!

Enter sustainable packaging!

As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, companies are rising to the challenge by introducing compostable liquid packaging solutions that offer both convenience and sustainability.

Step up everyone, stay neck to neck with other businesses. Talk about upgrading in the business and contributing to the greener environment!

So, with these Compostable Sambhar pouches pack an uncontaminated aromatic sambhar for your next customer.

Businesses benefited with Compostable Sambhar Pouches:

People now search for this often: Which companies use compostable packaging

So, to get in as answer for the above question the following businesses should start using compostable packaging.

Small-scale restaurants: Restaurants that has just started can be more benefited than others. Why? You are earning the trust of customers from the beginning.

Cloud Kitchen: Cloud kitchen are the restaurants which are totally relied on take aways. The only shot at for these restaurants to impress customers is by their packaging.

Fast Food businesses: The main target audience of the fast – food businesses are the people who are running and does not have time for a meal.  Thus, take aways are the major part of their daily sales. To make the sales even more compelling and fulfilling use our Compostable liquid pouches.

Caterers: Caterers can use the liquid pouches to pack the liquid items like sambhar and many other delicious gravies without compromising the sanctity of the dishes.

What are the actual benefits of compostable packaging other than boosting up the sales?

Power of compostable sambhar pouches:

Compostable liquid packaging harnesses the potential of eco-friendly materials, such as biopolymers and plant-based plastics, to create packaging that can be fully broken down into organic matter.

These materials allow the consumers to enjoy their favorite dishes guilt-free, knowing that the packaging will eventually return to the earth, nourishing the soil and supporting a circular economy.


Thus, we have figured out the effects of using plastic pouches for take away foods. Now that this is clear, the responsibility falls upon the business owners to be considerate about the health of the customers involved in it.

Remember, the battle against microplastics is just beginning. But by making conscious choices and staying informed, we can minimize our exposure and pave the way for a healthier future, free from these tiny tyrants.

Let’s make the world a microplastic-free zone, one reusable bag and mindful bite at a time!

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