Divine Design: Spreading the Truth of Eco-Conscious Prasadham pouches

Divinity is not just about idols worship and poojas. The actual divinity comes from socially conscious mind caring about the society and environment, spreading message through every way possible.

We as business-owners actually have many opportunities to educate every end customer through our products like compostable prasadham pouches and objectives of the businesses.

Speaking of Divinity and business, the one business which is actually connecting both is the one providing catering services for temples. Trust me, you are the bridge connecting people and divine through your offerings.

Prasadham Pouches and Divinity

Prasadham Pouches

Entering the 500 years old monuments built as temples with lots of sculptures showcasing the talent of people lived 500 years ago. Not sure about spiritual presence, of course no one wants to bring up an argument now, but certainly sure that positivity and peacefulness are felt once entered.

After a soulful prayer and confession, people leave the place of idol with a heart lighter than air. On the way out, the aroma of Pongal and Puliyora lightens the heart even more.

Hot puliyora when served in banana leaf, accentuates the flavour of puliyora and when opened, the aroma released, feels like Divine!

Making people to feel good and stress-free is the best service you can provide. And you, the caterers of Temple just does it in the best way possible along with feeding 1000s of people.

Is it the same case now?

No doubt in saying that the taste of puliyora is just as delicious…until served in a plastic cup. Plastic cup does something to the puliyora exactly opposite to banana leaf. It not only reduces the sanctity of the puliyora but also adds an extra ingredient called microplastic.

Prasadham and Plastics

What happens when prasadham pouches are plastic?

Leaving the fact aside that it affects the sanctity of the puliyora with a heavy heart, the main problem is the microplastics in it.

Believe it or no, as said earlier, you, the temple caterers are the most good-hearted people in the world. Why you ask?

True responsibility comes when you receive nothing in return. Other products are directly or indirectly related to sales. But this? Prasadham is something that is provided at no cost in temples, which is very helpful for the homeless and those who cannot afford a meal, which is a great thing.

But contaminating the food by microplastics takes away the sanctity of the good thing here. Even if your intentions are good, they cannot be justified if they are executed incorrectly.

You are sending people away with new problems when they have just given away the burden of existing troubles to HIM.

When you want to do something good, do it right!

Compostable Prasadham Pouches

Prasadham Pouches

We all know nothing can beat the prasadham in banana leaf. But let’s face it, we are running out of trees now.

Plastics are not the only replacement for this. Enter compostable packaging!

When actual plant leaves are not possible, let us enjoy the prasadham with a touch of green with plant-based prasadham pouches. We know it is good even though it is remotely green because it is not even remotely plastic.

Our prasadham pouches are made by corn starch which breaks easily at disposal and does not contaminate the prasadham with microplastics.

Fruits of Devotion, Seeds of prasadham pouches:

The benefits of Divine Design go beyond environmental gains. It strengthens the connection between devotion and responsible living.

As we offer prasadam in eco-conscious ways, we demonstrate true reverence for the Earth, the source of all bounty. By composting food scraps, we acknowledge the sacred cycle of life, where offerings return to nourish the soil.

True devotion is not just idol worshiping, it’s about giving back to the earth and with the compostable prasadham pouches, you are showing the true devotion to the Mother Earth.

A Movement blossoming:

Divine Design is already sprouting across the country. Renowned temples, like Tirupati and Shirdi, have adopted eco-friendly packaging for prasadam.

Community initiatives across India are encouraging the use of reusable cloth bags and biodegradable containers. This movement is a testament to the collective spirit of devotion and environmental consciousness.

Join the Divine Choir with Prasadham Pouches:

You too can become a voice in this harmonious chorus. Here are some ways to participate:

  • Advocate for change: Raise awareness within your community and encourage temples to adopt eco-conscious practices
  • Embrace the handmade: Support artisans who craft biodegradable packaging solutions.
  • Pack your own: Carry reusable containers and baskets when visiting temples.
  • Spread the word: Share your experiences and inspire others to join the movement.


Together, we can transform the very act of offering prasadam into a powerful symbol of our collective responsibility towards the Earth. Let Divine Design become the mantra of our generation, echoing in every temple courtyard, whispered in every offering, and blooming in every conscious choice we make.

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